Monday, May 23, 2022
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iPhone Touchscreen Makes It Easier Than Ever To Stay Connected  
Due to the revolutionary screen design, the iPhone does not have a physical keypad or keyboard, making it very easy to dial a number. Just tap the iPhone screen several times to dial a number, or simply touch a name on your contact list to make a call.

Virtualization allows for an innovative approach to conference calling by simply merging your calls together visually on the iPhone’s large screen – an action which links together all of the callers. Another innovative feature is the display of all voice mail messages, which allows you select only the emails you want to listen to from a visual list resembling a list of emails. If you require additional information about any specific voice mail, a simple tap on the iPhone screen reveals duration, time and number of origin.

While on a call using your iPhone, you have the ability to mute, dial, put the caller on speaker, add another caller to the conversation, and hold or select another contact from the contact list.

In case of an emergency, you can always place a call even if your SIM card is missing from the slot. Simply dial 911 and you will be connected to an emergency hot line.

You can always sync your iPhone contact list with the following applications on your computer via built-in a USB 2.0 port:

Mac OS X Address Book
Microsoft Entourage
Yahoo! Address Book

Yahoo! Address Book
Windows Address Book
Microsoft Outlook

All in all, placing a call from iPhone is simple and intuitive. Should we say “Even a cave man can do it :) “

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