Monday, June 27, 2022
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iPhone 2-megapixel Camera Destined To Become A Star  
2 Megapixel Camera
2 Megapixel Camera
There is nothing new about smart phones equipped with digital cameras, but the iPhone that features a 2-megapixel camera that makes a splash with a robust and innovative photo management application. True to the iPhone’s spirit, the integrated image manipulation software is ahead of market trends, with Apple delivering the right product at the right time. With the explosive growth of media on the web, the iPhone’s ability in the photographic realm will certainly add to the rapidly expanding digital photography field.

With the iPhone’s photo management tool, you can sync photos with your PC or Mac, and then browse through them, or email them with the tap of a finger.

Supported applications:

iPhoto 4.0.3 or later

Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 or later
Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 or later

The iPhone displays 20 thumbnails per page. In order to see individual photos, it is enough to simply tap on a thumbnail. In order to revert back to the thumbnail index of pictures, simply tap the screen once more.

Photos can be moved aside with your finger. Simply press gently on the image using the touchscreen, and move it right or left. The next image in the collection will then be displayed.

What else can users do with an image on their iPhone besides viewing it?

  • Using a Photo as Wallpaper
  • Emailing a Photo
  • Assigning a Photo to a Contact
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