Saturday, December 3, 2022
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iPhone Delivers Full Support Of YouTube Playback, Membership  
Google YouTube
Google YouTube
The innovative iPhone features a specially built YouTube player that can be launched from the home screen of your iPhone. This application allows you to browse and search for YouTube video clips, as well as easily share your favorites. Built-in email capabilities allow you to select a YouTube video link and email it from your iPhone to your friends and family.

The YouTube application processes files as a stream that is being downloaded to your iPhone from the YouTube video library. This library contains video clips from users like yourself or from well-established media companies. Some companies reserve web space for their videos, so you can directly browse to the ESPN library, for example, and see all of the videos uploaded by ESPN.

Videos are often times rated; the iPhone/YouTube interface takes advantage of this rating structure to present users with the most highly rated videos first. You can also browse to specific categories of the YouTube library, which is structured like a directory.

You can join YouTube using your iPhone by registering with the service via a registration page where you are asked to create a user name and a password. You can also set up your personal avatar as your profile picture to be displayed to other users.

Besides viewing video clips, you can also load your own video clips after the registration process. The iPhone allows you to do just that with a built-in high-resolution video camera. When uploading a video to YouTube, the files must be in one of the following formats .WMV, .AVI, .MOV, and .MPG file formats. (The iPhone records video in the .MPG. format.)

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