Saturday, December 3, 2022
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iPhone Safari Browser Supports Integrated HTML Email Client  
Safari HTML Email
Safari HTML Email
There is nothing new here to users accustomed to the MAC OS X native email client. With its full browser functionality, the Safari browser on the iPhone provides automatic access to a built-in HTML email client.

With the Safari Email client, users can customize their compose options with such fields as TO:, CC:, and BCC:. In addition, any email created on the iPhone is automatically converted into HTML format.

Picture and photo management via email is also easy with iPhoto integration. In order to utilize this functionality, you are required to create a Photocast album in iPhoto. iPhoto currently supports up to 250,000 images, which you can take with your iPhone and securely or publicly store online. iPhoto is also a good way to Photocast your favorite images to your family members and friends.

Other notable features of the iPhone HTML client are:

  • Mail Controls for Parents
  • Mail Server Quota Management
  • Message Priorities
  • Spell Check Options
You can also sync up your emails with your MAC computer using iSync. iSync is not new to the iPhone, and is already being used by a variety of cell phones from Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson. Email synchronization can be done via Bluetooth or USB connection ports.

Moreover, if you are a business user, you can always sync your Exchange Server with the iPhone via NTLM v2 Authentication (also known as Windows NT challenge/response). NTLM v2 works as follows, according to technical documents: “The server authenticates the client by sending an 8-byte random number, the challenge. The client performs an operation involving the challenge and a secret shared between client and server, e.g. a password.” If the entered credentials match those held by the Exchange Server, access to email box is open and email messages can be transferred between the Exchange Server and the iPhone HTML email client. Business users can also create separate accounts for different users, or between personal and business uses with the iPhone email client.

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